Fishing Trips in Panama – Rio Hato, Playa Blanca, Buenaventura

The pacific side of Panama is famous for its game fish. Even the name “Panama” give a clue of what fishermen should expect here: The word “Panama” means “abundance of fish.” While some historians believe that Panama was an indigenous name for a particular tree or an abundance of butterflies, the majority consensus is that it means “abundance of fish.”

If you are on a vacation in Panama, and you stay in or around Buenaventura, Playa Blanca, Rio Hato, or the Valle de Anton, you may go on a fishing trip or fishing charter starting in Buenaventura Marina.

If you just like to take your travel casting rod, there are also some spots around the beaches, mostly around the river mouth, where you will be able to catch your family’s dinner.

Give us a call or send a Whatsapp message to +507 64948089 and we will be happy to get out on the water catching some fish, no matter if it’s just a relaxed day out at sea with your family and some fishing on the way or the big game fish for Tuna and Marlin on a professional fishing charter boat.

Fishing Charters leaving from Buenaventura Marina in Rio Hato

There are various fishing charter boats leaving from Buenaventura Marina that you may choose from.

Sailing Catamaran Outventure – Fishing Charters

Outventure is a 45 feet, Lagoon sailing catamaran. While it is not a dedicated fishing vessel, you may enjoy a relaxed day out with your whole family on a stable and comfortable cruising catamaran. Go snorkeling, kayaking, paddle boarding, and, also fish on the way. The sailing catamaran has four trolling rods and three casting rods and usually catches Jackfish, Spanish Mackerel, and Bonito on the way.

One of the big advantages of the comfortable sailing catamaran, when you go fishing, is that it has a fully equipped kitchen and a gas barbecue. So you may enjoy your freshly caught fish already on the boat. Depending on the fish that you caught on your trip, we may prepare it for you grilled, as Sushi and Sashimi or Ceviche.

Bertram 30 feet Fishing motoryacht

The Bertram is the go to vessel for fishing trips with up to six guests. The professional skipper knows the best fishing spots and has the equipment to make you catch. With this sport fishing boat, you will get to the fishing spots fast. This fishing motor boat is also equipped for offshore fishing trips and, depending on the season, you may fish for big Mahi Mahi, Tuna and even game fish like Sailfish and Marlin.