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Sailing Catamaran Tours in Panama

Private sailing cruises for 2 to 25 guests

Sailing Catamaran Panama Rio Hato Buenaventura

Fully equipped, 45 feet, luxury sailing catamaran

Fishing in Panama

Comfortable fishing tours on a catamaran

Sailing Catamaran Outventure anchored at Isla Farallon in Panama

Enjoy remote islands in comfort

Make your event unforgettable

Sailing Catamaran Outventure at Buenaventura

Based in Buenaventura / Rio Hato

An experience for the whole family

Cruise into the sunset

Sailing Catamaran Cruises with Sailing Outventure

in Buenaventura, Rio Hato

in Panama

Sailing Catamaran Panama Rio Hato Buenaventura
Sailing Catamaran Outventure anchored at Isla Farallon in Panama

Sailing Catamaran Tours Panama

Join Sailing Catamaran Outventure and her crew for unforgettable private day sailing yacht charters and also multiple-day catamaran sailing tours, for example to the Pearl Islands.

Starting in Buenaventura Marina, close to Rio Hato and Playa Blanca, in Panama on the Pacific Coast, there are ample possibilities to cruise along the coast, and anchor on remote islands or beaches.

The sailing catamaran is based in Buenaventura Marina, within Buenaventura Resort and close to Buenaventura Hotel in Rio Hato.

You may join us for a catamaran sailing trip or sunset cruise if you are on a holiday in Panama, for example, if you stay in the RIU Hotel Playa Blanca in Rio Hato, in Playa Blanca, in Decameron or Bijao. All of those are only a short drive away. Also, Coronado, El Valle de Anton (Anton Valley), and San Carlos are a short driving distance.

We sail out to a small Island called Isla Farallon, where you may swim in the ocean, discover the underwater world with provided masks and snorkels, practice your Stand up paddle board skills, kayak around the island, or just relax with a floaty in the sea.

All tours are private, which means there will be no other people on board than your party and the crew. You may book the catamaran for a very private experience with two guests and up to a group of 25 guests.

Contact us for more details on Whatsapp +507 6494-8089

Fishing Tours and Sportfishing Charters in Panama:

Playa Blanca, Rio Hato, Buenaventura

The pacific side of Panama is famous for its game fish. Even the name “Panama” give a clue of what fishermen should expect here: The word “Panama” means “abundance of fish.”

If you are on a vacation in Panama, and you stay in or around Buenaventura, Playa Blanca, Rio Hato, or the Valle de Anton, you may go on a fishing trip or fishing charter starting in Buenaventura Marina.

Give us a call or send a Whatsapp message to +507 64948089 and we will be happy to get out on the water catching some fish, no matter if it’s just a relaxed day out at sea with your family and some fishing on the way or the big game fish for Tuna and Marlin on a professional sportfishing charter boat.

Click here for fishing tours & charters in Buenaventura, Rio Hato and Playa Blanca.

Fishing in Panama

About Sailing Catamaran Outventure in Panama

We’re Iris, Jurgen & Perla.

we’ve lived in Panama for a couple of years now. If you don’t find us kitesurfing on our home spot in Punta Chame, you may join us for private day catamaran sailing tours on

Sailing Catamaran Outventure, our Lagoon 440,

starting in either Buenaventura Marina (Rio Hato) or Vista Mar Marina (San Carlos),

We love being out or at the ocean, searching for remote beaches, surf spots, kitesurfing, freediving, fishing & kayaking. And we love to share what we’ve found.

Get in touch with us at +507 64948089 (Whatsapp or call) for your Sailing Catamaran Outventure on the Pacific side of Panama!

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Isla Iguana – Pedasi – sailing catamaran trip & anchorage

Isla Iguana in Pedasi / Panama. Sailing to, anchoring and visiting the Island. 360 degree aerial drone photo.

Isla del Canal de Afuera

You can clearly see the reef on this drone picture of the anchorage…

Otoque Island north / Panama – Anchorage

SV Outventure nicely anchored at Los Corales in Las Perlas /…